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Dynamic Retail Membership System - Comprehensive membership management
Various and useful setting for VIP points

輸入生日日期,配合“使用生日積分比例”的設置, 可於生日月份購買貨品獲得額 外積分。

Manage different VIP Plans
  • 功能包括:輸入及調整會員積分、指定貨品積分、清除會員積分、
  • 以積分換取貨品及使用積分當作現金使用等。
  • VIP 積分率 發票付款金額積分比率。
  • VIP 積分有效期模式 選擇VIP 積分的有效期模式。
  • 額外生日積分 額外生日積分點數.......詳細介紹(請點擊)
  • Various kind of extra VIP point:

  • Customer birthday bonus, new customers or exisiting members Gaining and Exchange rate of VIP point per dollorVIP point for selected promotion productMinimium amount for courting and using VIP PointIgnore point accumlation for first transactionExpire Date of VIP Point

  • VIP point's Plan can be based on VIP category , date and shop......Detail( Click)


Membership Visual Card

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Memebership Card Equipements
STAR Visual Card Encoder

STAR Visual card -silver


Magnetic Card Reader
Magnetic Card Reader and Writer
Magnetic Card 86x54mm
Visual Card solution- Lite
Visual Card solution- Premium
Visual card - TIPS

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