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VIC Computer (HK) Company Limited established in 1982. Our critical mission is to provide excellent quality services to our valued customers. At the beginning of our business, we mainly concentrate on distributing computer Peripherals and Chinese Input System. As the market approaches to a new century, we switch our attention to high technology products.



Provide Leading-edge Computer Technologies to improve the Performance of Enterprises.



Our products we carried are mainly developed in Taiwan, Japan, and USA. In order to expand our market share, we utilize mass media such as large scale of computer exhibition, magazines as well as newspaper to further increase our sales volume. We place much emphasis on the quality of our products,, so many manufacturers trust us and authorize us to be an unique agent of them. The following products are the sole agent or distributors since the stated year:

YEAR First Distributors in Hong Kong IMPORT Markets
1982 "Ucom" PC Peripherals
- Label, Peripheral, Cables
China, Taiwan, Japan General
1985 "Ucom" PC System
- Programmable Keyboard, Cash Drawer & POS Display
Taiwan Commercial
1986 "Kuo Chiau" Chinese Software
- Chinese Word Processing, Spreadsheet *
Taiwan General
1988 "PC-LAB, Advantech" Industrial Control Card
- Industrial Automation Control System
Taiwan Manufacture
1989 "Label Matrix" Barcode Printing Software
- Professional Printing
U.S.A. General
1989 "STAR" POS Receipt Printer, Key Board, Drawer & Display Japan General
1990 "JSS" / "ACTUARY" Accounting & Retailing System
- Accounting Software
Hong Kong Commercial
1993 "Welch Allyn, HHP" Barcode Verifier and Barcode Scanner USA Manufacture, Retailing
1994 "Strawberry" Education System Taiwan Education
1994 "Sun Wu Kong Hand Writing " Hong Kong General
1995 "CipherLab "Barcode Automation System
-Door Access, Time Record Input Device
Taiwan Manufacture, Commercial
1995 "Metrologic" Barcode Scanner USA General
1996 "HHP" Barcode Verifierm, Barcode Scanner and 2D Barcode USA Manufacture, Retailing
1997 "Godex " Barcode Printer Taiwan Retailing, General
1997 "Promag" Proximity System Taiwan Commercial
1998 "KC" Attendance & Payroll Hong Kong General
1999 "Aixom" Industrial Control Card
- Industrial Automation Control System
Taiwan Manufacture
2001 "TELEeye" Internet Remote Monitoring System Hong Kong General
2002 "UCOM" Smart Card Writer Taiwan Commercial
2003 Actuary Online POS Management System Hong Kong Commercial
2003 "BitaTek" Laser Pocket PC Taiwan Commercial
2003 "Citizen" Portable Thermal Printer Taiwan Commercial
2004 "Gauss" High Security Fingerprint System Taiwan Commercial
2005 "Pretec" CompactFlash, SDIO Barcode Scanner Taiwan Commercial
2006 "Champ" CompactFlash, SDIO Barcode Scanner Taiwan Commerical
2006 "Actatek" Fingerprint Access System Hong Kong Commerical
2006 "UCOM" Mobile POS Hong Kong Commercial
2007 "CiperLab" 9400 WinCE Hand Held Terminal Taiwan Commercial
2007 "UCOM" USB RFID Reader * Hong Kong Commercial
2007 "CiperLab" WiFi Access Control Terminal * Taiwan Commercial

* We are pioneers in introducing Hong Kong's first IT products
As a result of our experience which we have accumulated and our commitment for improvement, we have also developed various application packages for meeting different purpose of users such as "JSS" / "Actuary" Accounting, Inventory and Point of Sale, "Sun Wu Kong" Chinese Hand-Writing Input System, Attendance and Payroll Program as well as the Stock Take Management System. These software packages have been launched in the market as has gradually gained market-share.


Target Markets

In Hong Kong, we serve mainly as wholesalers and also distribute products in the growing Chinese Mainland as well as in some other overseas markets. As a result of our track record, we receive continual support from different types of customers, such as the Government Departments, Banks, Universities, Colleges, Secondary Schools, Public and Private Corporations and etc.

When we first started the business, we were mainly involved in the import of Peripherals such as the Disk Box, Computer Stand, Cable, etc. We now partner with our Taiwanese manufacturers in designing and tailor-making moulds to meet the different needs of our many customers. Due to the change in customer requirements in the modern economy, we are now concentrating more on high-tech products to capture customers demand.

In order to promote our products, we participate in the annual International Computer and Software Exhibition in Hong Kong. We also conduct road shows at the various retail computer centers and even at schools. The Company regularly advertises in computer magazines and the relevant sections in the newspapers in order to reach out to the public.


Strategic Plan

In order to get ahead of our competitors in this competitive environment, we have developed a comprehensive and flexible business plan. Since 1998, we have a homepage developed for customers, potential clients and any other stakeholder to visit. The homepage has been made to serve as an interactive tool for placing of eOrders as well as in obtaining in-depth and relevant information.


Organization Structure

The Company has been divided into FOUR Departments - Marketing & Sales Department, Resources, Technical Support, Research & Development Department as well as the Administration Department. Each department is responsible for different duties, and work together towards the same goals.

Marketing & Sales Department function is to promote new products, attracting potential customers and conveying the message launched by the company. This is the Department which liaises with the mass media and the trade fair shows.

Resources Department consists of four Sections including the Accounts, Purchasing, Performance as well as Store and Assembly Unit.

Technical Support Department is a support function. Various training programmers with technical knowledge and communication skills will be provided to our staff so as to ensure that they have the sufficient knowledge and techniques to handle each case. Serving our valued customers to create a value for them is the major departmental target.

Research & Development Department
is responsible for exploring potential products and improving the features and design of products. Testing and evaluation is conducted in order to ensure that the potential products are marketable as well as user friendly.
Our major commitment is to continue to improve to meet the changing and varied requirements of our customers.


Organization Chart



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