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UCOM 530 Felica Card
Time Attendance & Door Access

F18 Fingerprint Time Attendance Solutions
Componets Diamond Premium Lite
Record Felica Card + Password
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Dynamic HR System

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Dynamic HR System


Offer - Time Attendance

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Offer - Door Access

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Solution Packages include: onsite installation, application training, onsite maintenance and technical support service.
For interested parties, please contact us via, and provide photos of installation site for reference.


Attendance terminal Flexibility of installing relevant hardware
考勤裝置 可配合門禁、門感應器、門鎖、外置Felica Card閱讀器及警鐘
Report Sample
Detailed attendance report (csv- or txt-format) Support EM, Mifare and Felica cards
(Octopus Compatible)
詳細報告 (csv 或 txt 格式) 支援 EM, Mifare 及 Felica 咭
Octopus 兼容


Utility program for attendance management 附設考勤軟件 , 便於管理 Schedule Management 日程管理 Event Log 事件日誌
UCOM 530 Felica RFID Time Attendance / Access Control Terminal
UCOM 530 Mifare RFID Time Attendance / Access Control Terminal
UCOM 530 EM RFID Time Attendance / Access Control Terminal
Promag Felica Card Reader

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Time Attendance Lite Solution-Felica Card (Octopus)
Time Attendance Premium Solution-Felica Card (Octopus)


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