Terms & Conditions

VIC Computer Technology Limited (the VIC) warrants all products to be free of charge from defects in material and workmanship for 52 weeks from date of purchase (Sales Invoice) in accordance with the follow terms.

    1. A non-refundable inspection fee will be charged on each repair item beyond the warranty period and this fee must be paid upon the repair item(s) being received by VIC.

    2. A Customer Services Invoice is due for payment by Customer immediately upon its presentation to Customer by VIC. Only CASH or EPS will be accepted. 

    3. Customer is required to present the Original Customer Services Invoice, the corresponding receipt of VIC and Customerís company chop or identity card when collecting the repair item(s). 

    4. In this term,"Collection date"means the date specified by VIC by notice to Customer for Customerís collection of the repair item(s) from VIC.  VIC may in its discretion give Customer such notice in any of the following forms: by e-mail, verbally or otherwise. An additional fee of HK$15 per day will be charged for each repair item which is not collected by Customer within 14 days after the collection date.   VIC may at its discretion dispose of all repair items on any day from the 31st day after the collection date without paying any compensation to Customer. VICís delivery of the repair item(s) within the territory of Hong Kong may be available upon Customerís request with relevant service charge. 

    5. VIC will not be responsible for any damage or loss on the repair item(s), which is beyond the scope of reasonable control by VIC. 

    6. Customer should back up the data in its repair item(s) before the item(s) are brought to VIC for repairs.  VIC is not responsible for any damage that is caused by data loss. 

    7. VIC gives warranty for the repair services regarding VICís Customer Services Invoice only if the Customer Services Invoice has been fully paid on its due date. The warranty is base on the date of VICís Sales Invoice and with reference to its serial number.

    8.  VICís warranty does not extend to any of the following situations: Customerís loss of the repair item(s), wear and tear, neglect, improper adjustments, own attempts of repairing and cleaning the repair item(s), own attempts of removing VIRUS, damage caused by accidents and by wear and tear. 

    9. Customer promises that Customer has the right to deliver to VIC the repair item(s) together with all data contained therein. 

    10. Customer shall indemnify VIC for all VICís losses arising out of or in connexion with the claims against VIC by any 3rd party or parties regarding the repair item(s) or the data contained therein.

    11.  VICís liability to Customer arising out of or in connexion with the repair item(s) herein, whether by contract by tort or otherwise, shall be limited to the lower of the following 2 amounts:

                 11.1)  the amount of actual loss of Customer; or

                 11.2)  10 times of the amount of the corresponding repair fees.